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About Company

Shipyard of brothers Nobel — one of the leading enterprises of the Russian shipbuilding industry and the largest enterprise in the shipbuilding and ship repair on the Upper Volga. The geographical location of «Shipyard of Brothers Nobel» is very convenient: access to the Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Caspian Sea allows delivering vessels to a wide range of customers all over the world within the short period of time.

In 2007, the shipyard turned 100 years old. Since its inception, the company went from small repair workshops for river barges to modern shipbuilding plant, which produces high-tech marine and river vessels.

Nowadays the plant is a modern enterprise of the European level, have undeniable advantages in the construction of vessels of various types, as well as oil tankers with a reclassification of environmental security and automation.

The company specializes in the construction, repair, renovation and modernization of the following types of ships:

  • Sea and river oil tankers;
  • Sea and river dry cargo ships, designed and constructed according to European standards for transportation of general cargo, containers of international standard, wood, bulk and hazardous cargo;
  • Special service ships including sea diving and survey ships;
  • Boats for special purposes, including rescue boats for booms installation;
  • Vessel hulls of different types including hulls of modern comfortable yachts.

Traditionally, a high quality product manufactured by Shipyard of brothers Nobel, the company has earned a deserved reputation as a reliable partner. And today, as well as 100 years ago, the shipyard is in the vanguard of the Russian shipbuilding industry.

Nobel Shipyard is located on the Upper Volga River in Rybinsk and occupies 214,000 square meters, of which 100,000 square meters. – are the modern production workshops.

Production facilities enable us to construct sea and river vessels with deadweight of 6500 tons, up to 140 meters in width and 17 meters and launching weight up to 2700 tons. Vessel construction is carried out in indoor equipped areas that allow quality carrying out of all installation works and all-the-year-round vessel assembly.

The convenient geographical location of Shipyard of brothers Nobel access to the Baltic, Black and Caspian Sea allows vessels built to deliver to customers in any part of the globe in the shortest possible time.

The presence on the plant of all kinds of shipbuilding industry, modern computer technologies, and quality control at all stages of working out and production in combination with high professional level of enterprise personnel allow to construct vessels of different types and classes with European quality, efficiently and on term.

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